The Ultimate Healthy Weight Loss Vacation

Our California beachfront retreat offers guests a proven world class weight loss and body shaping solution. Relax and recalibrate in luxury as the experts from ABC’s EXTREME MAKEOVER streamline customized weight loss results that are scientifically proven to eliminate fat and transform the shape of even the most stubborn of figures. Enjoy gourmet satisfying food options as the pounds literally melt away. Learn once and for all how easy it is to eat more, exercise less, perform only the workout moves that are correct for you-and your unique body-type. Regardless of size, age, and fitness level you can create rapid healthy changes in your body today!

Wellness For a Healthy Lifestyle

Embark on a tranquil first class journey to wellness with your inclusive choice of Sea Wellness spa treatments, sunset strolls, beachfront yoga, and tailor made gourmet cuisine menu selections. World class shopping, serene mountain hikes, and the famous Santa Monica pier are minutes away a from our sunny seaside accommodations. Enjoy the experience that only a healthy jump start can provide as you renew your energy, relax your soul, and recharge your health. Take advantage of the first rate educational classes and maintenance programs structured for each client’s unique home living environment and schedule.

Is Designer Body Retreat a fitness boot camp?

No! We are the Anti-boot camp! Our program focuses on aesthetics-we focus on changing the way you look. You can be very fit and still look overweight. Just look at any offensive line of an American football team. Think of our program as a cosmetic fitness program-surgery without the surgery or strenuous workouts. We combine thermogenic nutrition with personalized body sculpting exercises, tailor-making your program to your personal needs, starting point and goals.

The trend for boot camps continues because most people think they have to work hard and starve to lose weight and while some do deliver results in the short run, they are a quick fix. But boot camps were developed by the military as a shock tactic to break down new recruits – not as an ongoing lifestyle solution. Our bodies are not capable of sustaining the levels of physical shock required to get boot camp results long term.

The Designer Body program teaches you which foods and exercises are best for your individual body type and helps to accelerate your progress towards your weight loss and lifestyle goals. You can use it to manage your overall health or, like Designer Body’s owner who uses the program to manage his Type II diabetes without medication, you can even use it to manage specific medical conditions the healthy way.

Designer Body is about establishing a SUSTAINABLE way of losing weight and achieving a healthy and rewarding long-term lifestyle.